Innovation has always defined us. And it always will.

We trace our beginnings to one mans genius, and the generations of innovators who came after him have kept us at the forefront of the industry he created.

The elevator has been around since the dawn of civilization. But it only became a safe, reliable means of transportation in 1852 C the year Elisha Otis invented the elevator safety brake. His invention would give rise to the modern city and forever change how we live.

Our history includes a string of industry firsts that have steadily improved elevator performance, enriched the passenger experience and allowed architects to design buildings in entirely new ways.

The gearless traction machine overcame previous height limits. Double-deck elevator increased the amount of rentable space in a building. Automatic elevators eliminated the need for a human attendant. Computerized controllers cut travel time. Our flexible steel belts last twice as long as steel ropes. And our remote elevator monitoring technology represented one of the first uses of big data and predictive analytics to improve performance.

Otis Elevators through the decades

Step into perfection in the digital age

In a world defined by the Internet of Everything, we are inventing the next generation of elevators C elevators with the embedded intelligence needed to deliver a superior passenger experience and superior value to our customers.

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