Gen2? modernization

Transform your building

The latest and best where it counts

The Gen2 system revolutionized the elevator industry by using new design and technology to transform performance, reliability, safety and aesthetics. Now it can bring all this to your existing building with minimal disruption.

Performance you can rely on

Combining new thinking with the best engineering, the Gen2 system offers incredibly low callback rates ¨C 50 percent lower than your current system. In operation, our patented coated steel belts are far smoother and quieter than traditional systems. From our doors to the closed-loop operator, everything is extremely quiet, safe and reliable.

The elements of innovation

Next generation technology at the heart of your building

  • Coated steel belts

    Our patented polyurethane coated steel belts last twice as long as conventional steel ropes, without any lubrication.

  • Gearless machine

    The permanent magnet gearless machine is 80 percent smaller than conventional machines and eliminates the need for a machine room.

  • ReGen drive

    Here¡¯s an innovation that captures energy usually wasted as heat and returns it to your building as clean power.

  • Closed loop door operator

    This feature delivers consistent quiet performance and ensures passenger safety.

  • Wiring

    Robust wiring ensures reliable communication is maintained across your system.

Otis Pulse

Pulse? system

Innovative technology enables us to monitor belts constantly, providing proactive maintenance.

Otis Pulse

Controlled motion

For maximum safety, the Gen2 system features an internal brake, so there¡¯s no need for separate rope grippers.

Otis Pulse

Minimized cooling

ReGen drive re-uses energy usually wasted as heat, so there¡¯s less need for cooling.

Otis Pulse

No lubrication

Patented coated steel belts and sealed bearings never need lubrication.

Otis Pulse

LED fixtures

LEDs mean lower energy consumption.

Otis Pulse

Sleep mode

For optimal efficiency, lights and fans shut down when not needed.

Creating energy while carrying passengers

Our innovative ReGen? drive system captures energy created by your lift and feeds it into the building¡¯s electrical grid. It¡¯s working hard for you in every way.

Explore the exceptional

We looked long and hard at everything that matters in elevator design, from intuitive technology and quality engineering to easy installation and peace-of-mind maintenance. The result is the Gen2 system.

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We have the experience you need to get the job done

We ensure that it¡¯s business as usual throughout your building with our four-step modernization process. Disruption will be absolutely minimal.

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