Freight elevators in commercial buildings 

Behind every beautiful lobby or front entrance is a hardworking, behind-the-scenes freight elevator carrying goods to other floors. Otis has decades of experience creating custom elevator solutions for special operations requiring special design, in addition to understanding that loading and unloading heavy duties requires hard technical constraints on the elevator structure and doors. We aim to create quiet, seamless experiences that allow commercial traffic without interrupting the flow of the passenger elevator bank.

Industrial freight elevators

We also understand that freight elevators in industrial buildings are built to carry things. Designed with slower speeds but built to carry heavier loads (10 tons or more), we know that failure isn’t an option as it can lead to stopping a full production line and losing hours of work. Otis has almost unlimited options for customizations to ensure that you can get the right freight elevator for your particular industry needs.

Elevator products

We are the world’s leading maker of people-moving products, driven by the desire to innovate and rooted in a unique 160-year history. We’re proud of our dedication to personal service and solutions shaped by individual needs.

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Otis signature service

Our dedicated teams across the globe work non-stop to keep you moving

We ensure our products perform to the highest standard every day. From maintenance, new installations, or refurbishments, we’re at your service.

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You want your elevator to be as safe, efficient and appealing as possible. Modernization brings you these key benefits when your system is starting to lose its shine and performance – for significantly less than a new elevator.

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Customer Toolkit

We've created a range of tools to help you perfect your next project

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