An elevator for every journey

Shaped by more than 160 years of history and innovation, Otis??elevators?meet your unique needs. Whether you need a low-rise, space-efficient machine-roomless solution or a high-speed, high-rise design, we offer a comprehensive range of elevator solutions.

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Tailored to fit your needs

The Gen2 elevator offers the perfect blend of elegant design and global engineering expertise, ensuring your passengers travel in style, comfort and speed.

2,100 每 5,000 lbs duty load
150 每 500 fpm speed
300 ft rise

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The design that sets you free

HydroFit, our machine-roomless, holeless hydraulic elevator, has been designed to maximize your existing space while saving you construction time and cost.

2,100 每 5,000 lbs duty load
100 每 125 fpm speed
26 ft 6 in rise

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Our most advanced high-rise lift yet

With the SkyRise lift, we've taken everything we know and pushed it further, combining cutting-edge science and precision engineering to deliver the solutions you need.

2,100〞5,000 duty load
700〞1,200 fpm speed
980 ft rise

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Efficient motion

The CompassPlus destination management system is our most advanced destination management system ever, making every journey simple, intuitive and inspiring.

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Service transformed

Developing the best for the future

We never stop improving 〞 our industry-leading expertise and technology will keep your system in order. It*s a balance of our global service network, 24/7 call center and dedication to your personal needs.

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Update your building

Modernization adds performance, safety and pure appeal

Our comprehensive choice of modernization options can bring you the benefits of a brand new elevator system. We offer safety, performance, efficiency and aesthetic products that add contemporary quality and appeal to the heart of your building.

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