Our most refined destination management system

Destination management system from?Otis

CompassPlus is a smart elevator dispatching system developed by our elevator experts here at Otis. CompassPlus makes moving people through your building easy and efficient. By using smart technology, CompassPlus can help move people through your building up to 50% faster, with less crowding and fewer stops.

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Smart Grouping

Efficiently groups passengers who are going to nearby floors together by providing the fastest route.

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The eCall app allows passengers to call an elevator from their smart phone.

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Stylish Hardware

High-quality, durable aluminum fixtures share a consistent design, delivering a polished look in black or silver.

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Security Integration

CompassPlus can be easily integrated with any available third-party building security system.

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Are your elevators one of the 10,000 already benefiting from CompassPlus?

Then you need to know about eCall for CompassPlusĄ­

The eCall app allows passengers to call an elevator from their smart phone.

With a clear, easy to use interface you can increase your buildingĄ¯s value by providing the ultimate passenger experience.

CompassPlus downloads

CompassPlus Touchscreen factsheet

Tactile quality and advanced flexible features

CompassPlus Touchpad factsheet

The virtual concierge for your passengers

CompassPlus Concierge factsheet

Customisation with a very individual touch

CompassPlus Modernisation factsheet

Discover the latest in fast, efficient destination management

CompassPlus Turnstile Display factsheet

Incorporate CompassPlus into your turnstiles for maximum efficiency and security

Find out how we can reduce journey times in your building by up to 50% with CompassPlus

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