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Our world is smaller than ever. Life is faster and more connected. We live in high-rise buildings that were once unimaginable, and rely on a complex network of transport to keep us moving. At the heart of this urban landscape is Otis.

Our global major projects team is behind many of the most iconic high-profile installations around the globe. In more than 200 countries and territories, our experts support the most ambitious projects.

From start to finish, our experienced and dedicated team collaborates seamlessly with yours to help realize your vision. Standing with them are nearly 1,200 world-class Otis R&D engineers ready to solve any challenge.

Together, we will make your building a symbol of excellence and inspiration for generations to come.

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Meet the global major projects team

Meet the experts who use their wealth of experience to help turn some of the most complex visions and ideas into reality.

Meet the GMP team
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Global major projects profiles

Across hundreds of urban landscapes through a wealth of structures, Otis has enhanced the way people travel. With an undying devotion to using advancements in technology, we are proud to elevate access to the worldĄŻs tallest and most iconic buildings.

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Delivering first-class transport to the world's most iconic structures

With 11 regional major project offices in 5 continents, our GMP team serves customers in designing, installing and servicing some of the most complex transportation systems.

With successfully completed projects spanning high-rise skyscrapers, complex metro systems, international airports and some of the most demanding high-volume projects, our GMP team not only have the technical know-how to realize your vision, but the experience as well.?

Together, we will make your building a symbol of excellence and inspiration for generations to come.

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