Moving people on an epic scale

Our infrastructure projects are defined by their sheer scale, the complexity involved and by bespoke demands. This is moving people on another dimension.

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Airport projects

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Metro and underground projects

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Rail projects and more

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Your complete solution

Everything you need

From advice and visionary ideas to innovative technology and our unique team of highly trained professionals, we provide the products, the people and the services that ensure complete success, from start to finish.

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Advisory services

Efficiency, pure and simple

From project design to product selection, we create the highest possible levels of efficiency ¨C ensuring the ideal flow of people through your project.

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A range to meet every kind of challenge

Because we have a wide and flexible product range, we can tailor and fine-tune what we offer for every kind of infrastructure need.

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Execution capabilities

World-class teams who deliver. Every time.

The unparalleled breadth of knowledge, expertise and experience in our project management and execution teams mean that your project is delivered within budget, on time: end of story.

Global major projects team

Our unique specialists provide global support at a local level

Our experts are ready to deliver unmatched expertise and know-how, wherever you are, throughout the whole lifetime (cycle) of your project.

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