Oriental Pearl Tower

Although it functions as a TV and radio tower, the Oriental Pearl Tower is an architectural tour de force that combines a futuristic vibe with allusions to ancient Chinese culture. Among the most crowd-pleasing features: the circular glass elevator from Otis.

Otis and the Oriental Pearl Tower

For nearly a quarter century, Otis elevators have been taking an estimated 7,000 visitors a day up through the Oriental Pearl Tower, giving them a fresh perspective on Shanghai.


Since its opening, we¡¯ve reconfigured the tower¡¯s elevator system, adding four elevators. In 2016, we were asked to boost passenger capacity by nearly a third. To do that, we¡¯re converting two single-deck elevators to double decks.


With its unique design and complex elevator systems, the tower requires an even higher level of customized service. Specially trained Otis service technicians work around the clock to ensure the tower¡¯s thousands of daily visitors keep moving, able to enjoy this international landmark.

"You never take it for granted ¨C running our system in the Oriental Pearl means making an amazing international collaboration live and breathe every day."

Oriental Pearl Tower


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